Multi-Account Manager

A Multi Account Manager (MAM) is designed for money managers who are looking for extensive flexibility when they are sub-allocating their trades on a single master account. With this tool, money managers are able to quickly execute block orders with just one click while being under one master account.

MAM solution has been carefully tested to deliver stability, flexibility and speed of execution to all professional account managers. The number of professional traders using our platform to trade is a testament to the reputation

clarity and mutual respect.

Percentage Allocation Module Management

A Percentage Allocation Module Management (PAMM) account is the solution for clients who are looking to have separate accounts traded under one money manager.

To start things, the manager contributes part of his investment as manager’s capital.

If you’re a professional money manager then you understand the importance of partnering with a trusted forex broker to oversee the executions on your accounts. With a proven track record of working with MAM/PAMM account managers on our world class infrastructure and trading conditions.